Albion Park Raceway

The Albion Park complex is steeped in history stemming well back into the earliest years of Brisbane, being initially used for gallops racing for approximately 100 years before the last meeting was held there in 1981.

Also in 1981 the old Racing Minister Russ Hinze, a harness racing enthusiast, declared a new complex would be built. The complex was unveiled to a huge crowd in October 1983 where Albion Park was dubbed “the speed pacing capital of Australia”.

The complex is still maintained and operated primarily for the uses of harness racing by the ‘Albion Park Harness Racing Club’ and greyhound racing by the ‘Brisbane Greyhound Racing Club’. So whether it is harness racing or the dogs, this venue presents a truly unique and memorable function for your guests. Without doubt the most popular attraction for many at Albion Park is SILKS FAMOUS SEAFOOD BUFFET.

It is a rare occasion when there is no action on track. Attendances vary according to the caliber of racing ranging from 2,000 to 15,000. Regardless it is a perfect place to enjoy a beer and punt on live racing.